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Sue Quin                                                                                                                
Clinic address:
2 West Market St
Richmond NSW
Phone: 02 4578 2674
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Sue is an experienced  Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Naturopath and Homeopath who has been practising  in Richmond for over 15 years. Sue practices Western Herbalism  and uses a diverse range of Chinese herbs in her dispensary. She established her clinic, Hawkesbury Herbs and Healing Centre, in 2000.
Over the years, Sue has developed a passion for helping individuals families and children achieve optimal health.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Macquarie University)

  • Diploma of Medical Herbalism (Southern Cross Herbal School)

  • Diploma of Ayurvedic Herbology

  • Diploma of Iridology

  • Diploma of Traditional Chinese Massage (Acupressure)

  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Clinical Nutrition

  • Diploma of Homoeopathy

Good health is no accident.  It is part of a process of life, which encompasses good nutrition, positive attitudes and a health-promoting lifestyle.
Our philosophy at this clinic is to treat you, the client, as a whole, regardless of the name of the disease. This is a fundamental difference between our complementary approach to health and that of regular western medicine. Our therapies are individually prescribed to gain the best overall outcomes for the client, and to support the body’s innate healing mechanisms.  Most people report very positive changes between the first and second visit, and Sue’s experience shows that in most cases, a permanently improved state of health can be achieved. 
Our clinic sees itself as part of a responsible network of health-care practitioners in the area.  We receive referrals from a range of therapists, and in turn will refer to other practitioners as appropriate to the client’s needs. The clinic practices complementary medicine,
so even though our philosophies are different to regular western medicine, we understand the importance of up-to-date medical investigations and diagnoses in the assessment of our client’s health.
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